Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal Classes adapted for

all stages of pregnancy 


This 10 week program includes sequences and yoga postures adapted for all stages of pregnancy that specifically benefit and strengthen women's bodies and minds during this time.


Physical, mental and emotional strength is developed through this yoga practice. Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques are also taught to help calm the nerves through pregnancy and delivery.


● Breathing techniques (pranayama) adapted for pregnancy, childbirth 


● Postures (asanas) and stretching to reduce pain associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding

● Exercises for the perineum for pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum

● Meditation to reduce stress and anxiety related to pregnancy and motherhood

● Vocalization work for childbirth and postpartum

● Restorative yoga (relaxation) to help regain sleep and energy

Julia Da Escossia, M.A., IAY 500, PYC 500 Certified Yoga Teacher, Pre/postnatal yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Educator and Treatment Therapist

With sensitivity, rigor and respecting the limits and aptitudes of each and every one, I offer a teaching based on the principles of yoga, biomechanical coherence and Ayurveda. In addition, openness, joy and rispetto to diversity are other important values ​​in my classes. In this way, I hope to be able to help my students in their quest for better physical, emotional and mental balance.

1 session



$90.00 / hourly

6 sessions



$80.00 hourly