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An essential yoga practice

for living well.

Institut Yoga Essentiel, located in the N.D.G borough of Montreal, offers multi-level yoga classes for students of all ages and levels of physical ability. The institute also offers deep study opportunities for curious and serious students to develop their practice and explore the multi-faceted aspects of Yoga beyond the weekly classes through workshops and teacher training programs. The school also organizes international yoga retreats led by founder Josephine Vittoria.

Institut Yoga Essentiel is registered with Yoga Alliance International, and is an accredited educational and training institution recognized by Revenue Quebec and Employment and Social Development Canada.

Founder, teacher

Josephine Vittoria , E-RYT® 500

Founder and Director of Institut Yoga Essentiel

Following the teachings of the Iyengar tradition, Josephine studied under the guidance of various senior Iyengar teachers and influencers and has been teaching yoga since 2012. She can work effectively with students of all ages and physical abilities, adapting the yoga asanas (postures) so that all students may practice yoga safely and benefit from the practice.


Our yoga shala

Offering in-person, hybrid, online classes

The teachings are inspired by the Iyengar method where fundamental postures are taught with attention to alignment and detail, and are catered to each individual's needs and physical abilities. In our yoga classes, the emphasis is on learning, therefore the teacher will offer clear instruction, demonstration or adjustment so that the students can integrate the process and receive a more in-depth understanding of their bodies and of themselves through their practice.


Classes are presented thematically on a weekly basis, designed to take you through a learning process that explores asana, pranayama and restorative practices; a thorough practice that allows us a deeper insight into our body. 

The students will develop strength, endurance and flexibility, in addition to learning the art of relaxation. The goal is for the student to cultivate self-awareness and obtain a solid base of both practice and understanding of yoga.

The classes are suitable for all except people with serious medical conditions who may otherwise consider beginning with private yoga sessions.


Looking to study and teach Yoga?

Institut Yoga Essentiel unites an internationally recognized, diverse and leading faculty offering a bilingual, thorough course of study of yoga’s multi-faceted aspects.


This course is open all curious students of Yoga who wish to cultivate the skills to transmit the teachings to others, or simply looking to dive into the Self, and explore yogic studies to deepen their own understanding and practice of Yoga.  Our 200 hour teacher training program is designed to assist in personal development as well as providing all the prerequisites to becoming a certified and qualified yoga teacher. 

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