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Why is the session 8 weeks?

Classes are organized in 8 week terms in order to provide a structured and stable learning environment. The classes are presented thematically on a weekly basis throughout a 4-week cycle, designed to take you through a learning process that explores various asana, pranayama and restorative practices; a thorough practice that allows us a deeper insight into our body.

Is registration mandatory?

Yes. In-person classes are limited to 14 students.

Late enrolment to the full session is possible on a prorata basis.

Can I attend without committing to the full session as a drop in?

Drop ins are only permitted after the session begins and if there is space in the class; click here to view our available classes.​ Online drop ins are permitted anytime.

Can I make up missed classes?

Yes. The student must make up their classes in-person or online within the same term.

Click here to view our available classes.

What is your cancellation policy?
In-person classes that are missed are non refundable and cannot be transferred. If you are unable to complete the session, please communicate with us about your situation.


What are hybrid classes?​

The hybrid option offers students the option to register for the session online or in-person for selective classes. Students who wish to attend the entire session online may select these classes.



What are online class cards?​

Online class cards are pre-paid drop in classes that are valid for 3 months and are applicable to online-only classes. They are not applicable to hybrid or in-person classes. 

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