Class descriptions

Multi-level yoga classes for students of all ages and levels of physical ability. 

Level I
An introductory level that teaches fundamentals for new practitioners looking to establish or strengthen the foundations of a yoga practice.  Learn how to align the body and improve functional movement. All students are welcome. New to yoga?

Level I-II 
For beginner students. experienced beginners and continuing practitioners developing their foundational practice. Also, for experienced students to strengthen their practice of fundamental actions and alignment in asanas.


Level II 

For intermediate students with a good foundation of basic standing poses, familiar with minor back bends, forward bends and twists. Inversions and pranayama are introduced. 

Level II-III 
For continuing intermediate students with a strong foundation of basic standing poses, looking to refine and explore the subtleties of practice. The students are familiar with inversions, deeper backbends, forward bends and twists; a consistent personal practice is expected. More advanced postures such as deeper backbends, and arm balances are introduced. The practice of pranayama is taught in more depth.

All levels

A well-rounded practice for all levels. The teacher will always assume there are beginner/intermediate students and will teach accordingly, but will also challenge the intermediate/advanced students attending these classes.

Prenatal Yoga

This 10 week program includes sequences and yoga postures adapted for all stages of pregnancy that specifically benefit and strengthen women's bodies and minds during this time. Physical, mental and emotional strength is developed through this yoga practice. Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques are also taught to help calm the nerves through pregnancy and delivery. (Teacher: Julia Da Escossia, in french)

Early Morning Asana & Pranayama (online only)

Early morning asana practice followed by pranayama to start your day off attuned. This class is suitable for all levels.

Restorative Yoga & Pranayama (online only)

In this evening practice, we will support the body in restorative poses, focusing on relaxing the nervous system to promote a restful sleep. We will also explore the fundamental principles of pranayama to deepen your understanding of how the movement of breath affects both body and mind. All levels are welcome.

Restorative Yoga (120 minutes, offered monthly in person)

 A vital practice for our culture of overdoing, where chronic stress, burnouts and chronic fatigue have become far too common. This two hour guided practice will offer you the tools and the opportunity to yield the body into comfortable, supported positions as a way to influence the nervous system into relaxing deeply. This class is generally offered once a month.