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Class Descriptions

Yoga Level 1

An introductory level that teaches fundamentals for new practitioners looking to establish or strengthen the foundations of a yoga practice.  Learn how to align the body and improve functional movement. All students are welcome. 

New to yoga?

Yoga Level 1-2

For beginner students of yoga, and to nourish continuing beginner students who are still developing their foundational practice. Experienced or returning students of yoga who wish to rebuild or strengthen their practice of fundamental actions and alignment in asanas are welcome.

Yoga Level 2

For intermediate students with a good foundation of basic standing poses, familiar with minor back bends, forward bends and twists. Inversions and pranayama are introduced. 

Yoga Level 2-3

For continuing intermediate students with a strong foundation of basic standing poses, looking to refine and explore the subtleties of practice. The students are familiar with inversions, deeper backbends, forward bends and twists; a consistent personal practice is expected. More advanced postures such as deeper backbends, and arm balances are introduced. The practice of pranayama is taught in more depth.

Yoga All Levels

A well-rounded practice for all levels. The teacher will always assume there are beginner/intermediate students and will teach accordingly, but will also challenge the intermediate/advanced students attending these classes.

Yoga for Teachers and Trainees

This class is offered for teachers and teacher trainees to help continue to develop their personal practice as well as their teaching skills. Students must be authorized to attend this class.

Yoga Kurunta (Ropes & Chairs)

Yoga Kurunta is a method of practicing asana with the help of the ropes to enable one to attain accuracy, agility, balance, opening and better alignment. The ropes are used with motion to warm up the body, and limber the shoulders, hips and hamstrings. They can offer a greater depth of movement. They assist the students with stability, sense of direction and sharper awareness of alignement. Yoga kurunta can be a preparation and gateway for deeper, challenging asana. Chairs are also frequently integrated into this class. This is an intermediate practice. 

Restorative Yoga

A vital practice for our culture of overdoing, where chronic stress, burnouts and chronic fatigue have become far too common. This guided practice will offer you the tools and the opportunity to yield the body into comfortable, supported positions as a way to influence the nervous system into relaxing deeply. All levels are welcome.

Women's Essentials

An adaptive yoga practice that focuses on women's hormonal health, including menses, pregnancy, post-partum, and menopause. 

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